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For 1 week I’ve waited. For a sign, for a message, anything.
The monsters don’t even scare me anymore. They sit with me, a victorious smile on their faces.
They know they have won.
And I shall go with them.

Death no longer scares me.
Maybe I’m just in too deep.
But there is nothing more I want,
Then to fall into never-ending sleep.

At least I’d be safe there.
Instead of cutting up my arm.
I’d be buried in the ground,
Far from any harm.

Maybe I’ve gone crazy.
Maybe I’m insane.
The darkness reaches out to me,
Dragging me down in pain.


Anonymous asked:

Wow u have a really good blog, I'm glad I came across it! 8D whats ur name?

Thanks! I’m Elizabeth, glad you like the blog so much! (p.s, mind coming off anon, I dont like cluttering the blog with ask posts :P)

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